Labor Support & Improving Lifestyles

Every wash, clean and exfoliating through doctor neem products helps in giving our farmers and labors employment and a better living.

Simply by using Divine Doctor Neem you are helping in giving unemployed farmers an opportunity to harvest these precious elements for your products.

Apart from this, by using divine doctor neem you are also supporting labors in industries for the production process.

We use high quality ingredients such as rose and berries, honey, neem, oud etc. Even though Oud is a luxury ingredient we are selling the products at affordable rates for the common man to have equal access to these high end products. We believe in equality and we are concentrating on improving lifestyles of thousands of people.

There is a noticeable shift of customers moving to products that use natural resources. Darlie Global caters to these needs by producing authentic products with natural extracts. Our products are social, financial and an environmental fit for the society.

Children's Hygiene Care

We also believe in children’s hygiene care. We run campaigns at schools reaching about 50K children and parents educating the young minds about the importance of washing hands before and after food and aiming on creating a long lasting behavior.

Children were taught good habits which can help them in staying healthy and attending school more often. Together we can reach for about 300K children and parents, educating about the importance of washing their hands.

Handwashing is one of the activities that plays a major roles in all our lives and by using Divine Doctor Neem hand wash you are helping us reach out more and more children and parents.