Locally Made. High Quality. Best Value


Who We Are

Darlie Global Fzc is not just a company, it’s a family. The skilled and talented entrepreneurs focus all their strategies and entrepreneurial skills in making products that are the best for the society. Our Research and Development experts are spread across 27 countries ensuring the products are high in quality and affordable in price.


What We Offer

There is a noticeable shift of customers moving to products that use natural resources. Darlie Global caters to these needs by producing authentic products with natural extracts. Our products are a social, financial and an environmental fit for the society.

What we believe in

We believe in creating a memorable experience for our customers, employees and shareholders. We are able to achieve this with the help of our 5 core values:


Together, Responsibly

We treat our shareholders like royalty at all times. We believe in honesty, integrity and loyalty as the foundation stones for a balanced success. We have achieved success by always prioritizing our employees and customers. We understand the needs to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will continue to practice this effectively.


Our Brands, Our Pride

Responsibility equals accountability equals ownership. A sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon we possess as an organization. The highly skilled entrepreneurs take an initiative to drive themselves for the success of Darlie Global. Each and every employee takes the ownership and helps in the innovation and success.


Smart Minds, Smart Goals

Our group of entrepreneurs are doers not dreamers. They add value to our business by turning ideas into action. They ensure that Darlie Global provides with solutions for the ever changing marketing needs. We respect and reward them for smartly using their ideas to do things differently.


Each Milestone, A Big Step

Comfort is the enemy of achievement. We at Darlie global understand that we need to go out of our comfort zones for providing our customers with high quality products and affordable prices. All the hard work and efforts that our team puts in results in the success of our company and we strongly believe in recognizing and rewarding them.


Together We Succeed

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. We have realized that we will not be able to have all the answers on our own, hence, we seek for help from our most trusted partners to help us in our decision making process. Being honest and loyal to each other helps us in delivering the best value to our customers.


How we add value ?

The lifestyles of consumers are changing and they are demanding for a change in the products. We are here to provide with solutions while considering consumers’ health and hygiene factors. We strive in achieving a market share in the wellness industry with the help of the extensive knowledge we have in FMCG.